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  1. Hi, I have a question concerning the YAxis options. For a basic chart, FusionCharts XT defines automatically the YAxis values. Is it possible to configure the step between YAxis values (as labelStep for XAxis)? For example, actually values : 4 - 8 - 12 - etc. I would like : 1 - 2 - 3 - 4. If this option is not supported, is it possible to add it for a next version of fusioncharts ? Thanks, Clara
  2. Hi, I hope print a gantt chart with legend. I use the default print mode (right click -> print chart), when I print with landscape presentation, the last word of legend is cut. Have a solution for me ? Thanks for your answer,
  3. Hi, I have a problem with the "_overrideJSChartConfiguration" function utilisation. Have you a correct example for me using this function ? My code below : var chart = new FusionCharts('pie2D.swf', 'chart-1', "100%", "100%", "0", "1"); chart.setTransparent(true); chart.setDataURL('data.php'); if (!!chart._overrideJSChartConfiguration) { chart._overrideJSChartConfiguration({ exporting:{ type: 'image/jpeg' } }); } chart.render('my_chart_div'); Javascript debugger return : _overrideJSChartConfiguration is not a function Can you help me ? Thanks for your answer, Clara
  4. _Overridejschartconfiguration Bug

    Hi, I have already this last version of FusionCharts XT but it's not possible to use the _Overridejschartconfiguration method !!!!! Thanks for the answer,
  5. Hi, I have need to print chart with browser command, but not with right click. I know that v4 will function with this command. Which is the coming out date of Fusioncharts v4? Thanks for your answer. Clara