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  1. Hi there, We have been using a FusionCharts DLL, namely FusionChartsImageSaver to generate an Image file using flash on the server (not in a browser) before we attach it to an email. using FusionCharts; // namespace public MemoryStream GetChartImage(int width, int height, string chartType, string format, string chartData, bool useFlash=true) { try { var memoryStream = new MemoryStream(); var swfPath = Paths.OurPath + @"\js\fusion_charts-3.2.2\" + chartType + ".swf" : ""; ServerSideImageHandler.ImageType imgType = ServerSideImageHandler.ImageType.JPG; var ssh = new ServerSideImageHandler(swfPath, width, height, chartData, "", memoryStream, imgType, 72f); ssh.SetChartVersion(""); // Begins the capture process var isSuccess = ssh.BeginCapture(); return memoryStream; } Now that we have upgraded to the latest version of Fusion Charts 3.11.3 we would like to do exactly the same thing but without using flash and I can't find any way this is possible. Can you advise please? Thanks!