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  1. Changing chart type dynamically

    Thanks, Ayan. Waiting for the update so that we can get it moved to next level.
  2. Changing chart type dynamically

    Hi, Thanks for noting the issue. These chart container id's will be generated dynamically by fusioncharts. We don't do anything for these. I am trying to find through source code, however not able to find out the code. Found for span within div, but not for the div itself. Regards, Ravi
  3. Changing chart type dynamically

    Hello, Thanks for the reply. Sincere apologies, as I cannot provide you a sample. Please find the attached screen shots of DOM showing what happens when I change the chart type of second one. Possibly could give some hint. If you please look into the first image, div with id="container-" just beneath fusioncharts tag has a span with id="chartobject-6" for first chart and id="chartobject7" for second chart respectively. When I change chart type for second chart, the span with id="chartobject-6" gets replaced with "chartobject-7" which is content of second chart and second chart's span will just disappear.
  4. Changing chart type dynamically

    Hi, Thanks for your reply. I am using angular2 fusion charts. I am updating the chart type for the second chart. The dom shows the proper data. But the div with id "container-" will get replaced with the latest data. I mean the second chart data get's replaced with the first one. And the div with id "container-" will be empty for the second chart. I have no live application to share the URL, since still in development. I can share the DOM screen shot, if needed.
  5. Changing chart type dynamically

    Hi, I am facing the issue with the below scenario. I have 2 charts rendered in a page. Changing 2nd chart type, is changing the first chart type. Attached are the screenshots for your reference. After investigation found out that, the chart is getting appended to a div with id "container-" just beneath <fusioncharts> tag. Any help is highly appreciated. Regards, Ravi
  6. Drilldown in Angular2 version

    Thank you so much Ayan. This helped me a lot...
  7. Drilldown in Angular2 version

    Hello Ayan, Any help is highly appreciated..
  8. Drilldown in Angular2 version

    Please check below code snippet. After alert, I am trying to call a typescript method events={ 'dataplotClick': function(evt, args) { window.showAlert = function(str){ var arr = str.split(","); console.log(arr); alert("[Example for the 'JavaScript:' prefix] \n" + arr[0]); this.userMethod(arr[0]);//Here trying to call typescript method }; } } public userMethod(value){ console.log('here'); }
  9. Drilldown in Angular2 version

    Thanks Ayan for the quick reply. But how do I call a typescript method rather than displaying an alert. I tried to call the method in place of alert, but it just throws error
  10. Hi, In javascript version of Fusioncharts, there was a function to call for the drilldowns like link="JavaScript:myJSFunction('USA', 235);" . Is there any provision available in the angular2 version as well? Regards, Ravi
  11. Download image/pdf

    Thanks Ayan for your reply. That was really helpful.
  12. Download image/pdf

    Hi, Thanks for your reply. That's really helpful. Exporting will send only SVG. Is that SVG sent to fusioncharts server or done in client side? Does export works without internet? Regards, Ravi
  13. Download image/pdf

    Thanks Ayan for your reply. I have enabled the flag enableExport:1 and also able to download the image & pdf. Just wanted to know, is there any data will be shared with fusioncharts server to export the image/pdf? And also how to change the file name from fusioncharts to the chart name? Regards, Ravi
  14. Download image/pdf

    Hi, I wanted to know if I enable exportEnable flag, is there any data sent to fusioncharts server or all happens at client side? If data is being sent to fusioncharts server, what all data is being sent & what happens if export server is down? Regards, Ravi
  15. Fusioncharts import

    Hi, I have a licensed copy of fusioncharts which is being used in one of web application. Now we have migrated to angular2(typescript). So, how can I use the existing licensed fusioncharts into my angular2 application? I have tried with some imports, but could not succeed. Need your assistance in this. Replies are highly appreciated. Regards, Ravi