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  1. I am sorry my out going mails are blocked. i am attaching here there are three methods in the code CreateChart,CreateCombinationChart,CreateNewChart. The CreateChart works well. the Create new chart i have just copied the XML from Fusionchart site just to test it is also not working..If you want the entire project please let me know.


  2. HI Madhumitha i am also using the same version dll anway i replaced it with the dll provided by you but the problem isnt resolved. it works fine with

    - <graph caption="[b]Item Wise Values[/b]" subCaption="[b]By Values[/b]" decimalPrecision="[b]0[/b]" divLineColor="[b]FFFFFF[/b]" showNames="[b]1[/b]" numberSuffix="[b]Units[/b]" pieSliceDepth="[b]7[/b]" formatNumberScale="[b]0[/b]">  <set name="[b]Item1[/b]" value="[b]1[/b]" color="[b]AFD8F8[/b]" />   <set name="[b]Item2[/b]" value="[b]2[/b]" color="[b]AFD8F8[/b]" />   <set name="[b]Item3[/b]" value="[b]3[/b]" color="[b]AFD8F8[/b]" />   <set name="[b]Item4[/b]" value="[b]4[/b]" color="[b]AFD8F8[/b]" />   <set name="[b]Item5[/b]" value="[b]5[/b]" color="[b]AFD8F8[/b]" />   <set name="[b]Item6[/b]" value="[b]6[/b]" color="[b]AFD8F8[/b]" /> - <trendlines>  <line startValue="[b]5[/b]" displayValue="[b]Average[/b]" color="[b]009900[/b]" valueOnRight="[b]0[/b]" />   </trendlines>  </graph>

    But the javascrippt error Expected '(' occurs for xml such as

    - <chart palette="[b]5[/b]" caption="[b]Product Sales[/b]" xAxisName="[b]Month[/b]" yAxisName="[b]Sales[/b]" numberPrefix="[b]$[/b]" rotateValues="[b]1[/b]" placeValuesInside="[b]1[/b]">- <categories>  <category label="[b]January[/b]" />   <category label="[b]February[/b]" />   <category label="[b]March[/b]" />   <category label="[b]April[/b]" />   <category label="[b]May[/b]" />   <category label="[b]June[/b]" />   </categories>- <dataset seriesname="[b]Product A[/b]" color="[b]F0807F[/b]" showValues="[b]1[/b]">  <set value="[b]8343[/b]" />   <set value="[b]6983[/b]" />   <set value="[b]7658[/b]" />   <set value="[b]8345[/b]" />   <set value="[b]8195[/b]" />   <set value="[b]7684[/b]" />   </dataset>- <dataset seriesname="[b]Product B[/b]" color="[b]F1C7D2[/b]" showValues="[b]1[/b]">  <set value="[b]2446[/b]" />   <set value="[b]3935[/b]" />   <set value="[b]3452[/b]" />   <set value="[b]4424[/b]" />   <set value="[b]4925[/b]" />   <set value="[b]4328[/b]" />   </dataset>  </chart>

    Please help me,....