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  1. Hello,




    I am using Fusion Charts on a J2EE application, i am generating the ChartXML on the server side and sending it back to my Action class on server which is generating the HTML for the object TAG and setting up the page.




    I am able to generate the charts properly and display them but i am facing trouble when i refresh or am opening a modal dialogue and navigating back.




    Browser : IE6


    Issue 1 : Javascript error and page hangs upon reload




    Now this only happens if the 'Display script notification' is enabled on IE6. The page displays properly with no JS errors shown on the IE window bottom tab, but when i try to reload the page or try to navigate to another page, there is an error but the page hangs and the error is not displayed at all.




    Issue 2 : Use of Modal Window




    On the page displaying the graph(parent page), there is a link to a modal window , where in the user is submitting a form. Upon submit of the modal window the user is navigated back to the parent page , which has the graph. This modal dialogue is used at a lot of places in the applications. Only where the parent pages display graphs, is a javascript error being thrown on the closing of the modal dialogue. Of course IE being IE6, the errors are not at all meaningful.




    Just wondering if you have any thoughts on this matter or if anybody else has come across this problem before.




    Attachments : I am attaching a sample HTML file which displays the graph. All the HTML related to the OBJECT tag is generated from a Java class.


  2. Hi,




    I just started working with Fusion Charts. I must say it is a wonderful product. Kudos for the good work.






    In relation to my work, i downloaded the XSL files attached with this topic. The way i envision my system to work is creating Chart Data Java Classes out of these XSL using Castor and then setting Chart Data values on my server side into those Chart Data Java Classes and creating the ChartData.xml using Castor again.




    In relation to this, i was trying to create the Java Chart Data Classes for Radar.xsl , but am getting 'error reading XML Schema file' . I am using a simple Castor SourceGeneratorClass.





    import org.xml.sax.InputSource;






    import org.exolab.castor.builder.SourceGenerator;










    * @author Dhiraj Ramakrishnan




    public class RadarChartSourceGenerator {




    private final static String SCHEMA_DIR_PATH = "schema//fusioncharts//powercharts//";






    public static void main (String args[]) {








    public static void generateSource() {


    try {


    SourceGenerator generator = new SourceGenerator();


    InputSource source = new InputSource(SCHEMA_DIR_PATH+"RadarChart.xsd");


    generator.generateSource(source, "curam.fusionchart.chart.radarchart.data");


    } catch (Exception e) {













    It is not throwing any exception, am just wondering if anybody else got the same problem ?