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  1. Hello, I'm trying to get my barchart to display a hover value on a label that isn't the label. So for example I would want this to show up when I hover on the $1.95M instead of the bar:
  2. Hi, I am also seeing this error in a security scan. Has there been a fix?
  3. Single Column Width

    Hi Akash, Thanks for your reply! Is this possible using the horizontal 2dbar chart?
  4. Data Values Inside Column Charts

    Is there a better solution to this? I'm running into this exact problem at the moment.
  5. This doesn't work if the bar is too big. Is there another fix for this? I've tried the adding the padding and margins properties to my chart, but the value is still placed inside the bar.
  6. Single Column Width

    Is this feature still not supported?
  7. Horizontal bar chart

    Is this functionality still not possible?