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  1. Hello Akash,

    Thanks for your response. But what if I've the data both minimum and maximum at extreme like below

              "label": "Jan",
              "value": "980000"
              "label": "Feb",
              "value": "-910000"


    One with positive extreme and another with negative extreme. In my issue, I'm having the data 6.9 and -150.8, so it's still overlapping even after increasing the minimumYaxis and maximumYaxis. I'm calculating this dynamically by adding 5 to it, so 6.9 to 11.9 for maximumYaxis and -150.8 to -155.8 for minimumYaxis.


    Adding canvasTopPadding or canvasBottomPadding is giving issue in other scenarios where if all the value in there are positive. Please let us know if there's any solution.


    Thanks in advance :)

    Screenshot 2020-02-19 at 2.57.26 PM.png

  2. Hi,

    I'm having values/percentages like 15, 35, 40. If I input these values into graph, the Dougnut graph is adjusting its percentage to 100. So the values I input is getting changed.

    The above one is just example, in my case it's adding/subtracting the percentage to 0.01 to make sure that graph is having the 100 percentage.

    Is there any way, I can make the graph to show 99.99% or 100.01% or restrict it to show only the values/percentages I input.?


    Thanks in advance

  3. I'm using stacked area 2d, I've enabled drawcrossline.

    So far I've only two sets of data, so I've two stacked area graph.

    When I put plotToolText with Macros, it's showing two graphs of values without any issues.

    plotToolText: '$seriesName, $dataValue, $value'

    My tooltip will look something like this,



    MyGraphSeriesName1, $34.5k, 345000

    MyGraphSeriesName2, $14.5k, 145000


    I need to have the sum of the two stacked area graph values in the graph like below.? is it possible to do.?



    MyGraphSeriesName1, $34.5k, 34500

    MyGraphSeriesName2, $14.5k, 14500

    Total, $49k, 49000



    Thanks in advance.

  4. I'm trying to log the dataPlotClick event for stacked area 2d chart.

    But in iOS, the event is not triggering for any events.

    I've not tried yet in Android. But I've to make it work for both Platforms.

    Any help will be appreciated.


    my Code

    this.state = {
    type: 'column2d',
    width: '99%',
    height: '95%',
    dataFormat: 'json',
    dataSource: undefined,
    containerBackgroundColor: '#FFFFFF',
    calendarReturnsData: undefined,
    dataEmptyMessage: 'Insufficient data available',
    baseChartMessageFontSize: '16',
    baseChartMessageColor: '#454545',
    detailsBtnStateHolder: true,
    events: {
    dataplotclick: (e, a) => {
    Alert.alert(`You clicked on ${}`);
    In render method, I'm destructuring all the variables and assigning it to Fushion Chart.
    Platform.OS === 'ios'
    ? fusionChartiOSPath
    : fusionChartAndroidPath