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  1. i'm trying to process data from a query. So I create a JSON object and populate it using a loop, like so: var processedData = [{ label: "teste", value: 123 }, { label: "teste2", value: 321 }]; if (dataParse.response) { dataParse = dataParse.response; for (var aux of dataParse) { jsonAux = { label: aux.departamento, value: parseInt(aux.quantidade) } processedData.push(jsonAux); } } after the loop, the object is returned and used as chart data. As seen in the image attached, it is done without problems (For testing purposes, i initialized the object "processedData" with two test elements: "teste1" and "teste2"). But FusionChart can only load the initiliazed elements. I don't have any idea why this is happening and already tried many different ways to do this. Would be really glad if someone could be of use. Thanks in advance.
  2. Chart loads only initialized data

    It worked. I'm really grateful!