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  1. Data not showing up

    Hi, Found the issue. Now able to see the chart with values. Thanks, Vadivel
  2. Data not showing up

    Hi All, I am quite new to Fusioncharts. I am trying to generate some charts in my application. Everything seems to be fine but still there is no chart generated. The div I am trying to show chart in, is just a simple div with an id. When the code executes to generate the chart it only generates the span with right width and height but nothing else. I have been trying to solve this problem or at least to know the reason but i haven't been successful yet. Please refer my attached code... Thanks in advance, Vadivel Sample.html
  3. Data not showing up

    Hi, Thanks so much your reference. Yes, I am using XML. I need the values fetching from database. Hence I am struggling there. I have tried this as per attached, even though I unable see any chart. It's again says, "No data to display". where did I miss & what I miss? Please advise. Thanks in advance, Vadivel Sample2.html