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  1. Hi,


    I am using "DragNode.swf" to show relationship between users in application. I am able to show the user name at each nodes and able to set font size, color etc.

    My requirement is at the root node I want to use font styles different from child nodes. I want the root node label to be in bold and bigger font size but the child nodes label in normal and small font size. Please suggest.





  2. Thanks for the reply.


    But the code you suggested still does not show zero decimal. I am using the below xml for old version of fusion chart.


    <chart yAxisMinValue='115' yAxisMaxValue='140' adjustDiv='0' numDivLines='3' forceYAxisValueDecimals='1' yAxisValueDecimals='1' decimals='1' formatNumberScale='0'>


    <category label="1-Year"/>

    <category label="3-Year"/>

    <category label="5-Year"/>


    <dataset seriesName="AA" color="669900" >

    <set value="45.5" displayvalue='45.5%' color="#c0504d"/>

    <set value="13.3" displayvalue='13.3%' color="#c0504d"/>

    <set value="7.8" displayvalue='7.8%' color="#c0504d"/>


    <dataset seriesName="Peer Median" color="3399FF" >

    <set value="47.2" displayvalue='47.2%'/>

    <set value="13.8" displayvalue='13.8%'/>

    <set value="8.0" displayvalue='8.0%'/>


    <dataset seriesName="Industry Median" color="454545" >

    <set value="40.0" displayvalue='40.0%'/>

    <set value="-8.6" displayvalue='-8.6%'/>

    <set value="0.0" displayvalue='0.0%'/>



  3. I am working with some older version of Fusion Charts (not v3.2). I am using MSColumn2D.swf to render the graph.


    My requirement is to display one decimal values in Y-Axis. This is working fine for decimals other than zero. For example if the number is 10 or 10.0 I would like to display 10.0 only in Y-Axis. But with the older version it is displaying as 10 not as 10.0. Can you please advise how can I fix the issue.


    I even tried the below chart attributes but it is not working.


    <chart yAxisMinValue='115' yAxisMaxValue='140' adjustDiv='0' numDivLines='3' forceYAxisValueDecimals='1' yAxisValueDecimals='2' decimals='0' >




  4. Hi All,



    We are using MSColumn3D chart to display the data. For first columns we are displaying 2 different colors(Green,red).How can we show that two colors in legend.

    Please find the attached document for your reference and advice on this.


    Is it possible to create stacked legend ?





    post-9989-035126200 1288780217_thumb.gif

  5. Hi All,


    My client needs the charts which looks like the screen-shots below. Would it be possible to customize the bars.

    --In MSLine2D chart we need to display some columns with borders and their respective legends.

    --For Waterfall2D power chart columns we need to add arrow marks.




    post-9989-025489500 1288596344_thumb.gif

    post-9989-004930500 1288596359_thumb.gif

  6. [p]Hi ,




    We are using below xml to create water fall chart, but on the bar we want to display the text (Shown in image with red color circle). We used displayValue tag but the text is messedup with other bars text.(If the text is large it is touching other bars). Can anybody help us to formatting the display text on the bar(Shown in image with red color circle).




    Use attached image.






    chart caption='Year Over Year Change' yAxisName='Millions'numberPrefix='$' exportHandler='fcExporter1' exportEnabled='1' exportAtClient='1' plotGradientColor='' DIVLINES='Animation' cumulative='0' showSumAtEnd='0' numdivlines='11' yAxisMinValue='0' yaxismaxvalue='22.0' outCnvBaseFontColor='#000000' bgColor='#ffffff' showAlternateHGridColor='0' showFCMenuItem='0'




    set label='2009' color='#F79646' font="16" Value='14.1'




    set value='0.3' color='#376092'


    set value='0.3' width='10' color='#376092'


    set value='3' color='#376092'


    set value='2' color='#376092'


    set label='2010' isSum='1' color='#F79646' font="16" cumulative='1'