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Found 31 results

  1. Hello. Is it possible when we click on a data plot in bar chart, it will execute a C# function? How can we do this? please help me with my problem.
  2. Tool Text new Line {br}

    Hello. Is there a different syntax for inserting a new line in tooltext of dataplot? Im using ASP.Net and C# for building my DATA String for my chart. When I insert {br} in tooltext for creating new line, it gives me an error that the string is in invalid format. Please help me with this. Thanks in advance and have a good day! StringBuilder xmlString = new StringBuilder(); xmlString.AppendFormat("<chart caption='Summary of Late by Employee for the month of {1}' subcaption='Employee: {0}' showValues='1' xAxisName='Month' yAxisName = 'Late (in Minutes)' showBorder='0' bgColor='66a4ff,FFFFFF' bgRatio='60,40' canvasPadding='30' PYAxisMinValue='0' vDivlineColor='c2c2c2' rotateValues='1' anchorRadius='5' valuePadding='5' labelDisplay='rotate' slantLabels='1'>", dt.Rows[0]["EmpName"].ToString(), MonthName_); for (i = 0; i <= count - 1; i++) { xmlString.AppendFormat("<set label='{0}' value='{1}' tooltext='{0}{br} Time In: {2}' />", dt.Rows[i]["DateF_"].ToString(), dt.Rows[i]["LateMinutes"].ToString(), dt.Rows[i]["TimeInF"].ToString()); } //xmlString.Append("<set label='Sample' value='3' tooltext='name: Bob {br} Age:21' />"); xmlString.Append("<styles><definition>"); xmlString.Append("<style name='captions' type='font' font='Arial' size='12' bold='1' />"); xmlString.Append("<style name='axisLabelBevel' type='bevel' angle='0' />"); xmlString.Append("<style name='valuesAnim' type='animation' param='_y' start='$canvasStartY' duration='1' />"); xmlString.Append("<style name='acnhorBevel' type='bevel' distance='2' />"); xmlString.Append("</definition><application>"); xmlString.Append("<apply toObject='Caption' styles='captions' />"); xmlString.Append("<apply toObject='subcaption' styles='captions' />"); xmlString.Append("<apply toObject='xAxisName' styles='captions' />"); xmlString.Append("<apply toObject='yAxisName' styles='captions' />"); xmlString.Append("<apply toObject='Datavalues' styles='valuesAnim' />"); xmlString.Append("<apply toObject='anchors' styles='acnhorBevel' />"); xmlString.Append("</application></styles>"); xmlString.Append("</chart>"); ltrDrillDown.Text = FusionCharts.RenderChart("../FusionCharts/Column3D.swf", "", xmlString.ToString(), "LateDetailsChart", "600", "300", false, true);
  3. hello, I need to somehow get the information from one point of my chart by javascript, I need the information about the category, series name and value to use in a javascript function. Currently inserted already own a javascript function on my link properties however I could not find it through the DOM. My goal is to find the object on the screen through the information they already have in my application for example: get the point of my line chart que have the value 7, category '12: 00 ', and series-name' test 'for that in some cases I will be able to add a popover on the circle, rect or other object that has the specific values​​. Can anyone help me???
  4. In attached image there is a legend area in red rectangle. Can we customize the legend as attached pictures. For reference please follow the attached image.
  5. Real Time Graph

    How to generate interactive graphs daily,weekly,monthly,yearly on it which pull their data from excel files from other website which get updated with time.
  6. I am using fusionCharts version : 3.2.1 In which FC Combi chart is not working properly it is showing only bars , Line is not coming