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Found 6 results

  1. When scrolling the page through touch on mobile, If touch move the chart area, scrolling does not work. I know the gestures made on the chart area would interact with the chart. But I would like to be the same as other areas in general. On my site, the chart area is full on the screen, which is inconvenient on mobile. I made the gesture myself using x,y coordinates, but this is basically unstable compared to the gestures provided by the browser. How to get remove of gestures in the chart area?
  2. I have just started exploring Fusion Charts. The documentation is clear and I have been able to create charts using `react`. One problem that I am facing is that the scroll does not work well on a mobile device. If I have charts that are covering the entire width of the screen, how would I scroll up/down? Please see the attachment for details. I can scroll down using the white space above but not using the space below the white space.
  3. Stacked area graph circles/anchors cropped

    Hi, We're using stacked area 2d graph in our project. When there is enough data where the graph occupies full height which we've given, circles/anchors which we're using going beyond the screen or it's getting cropped. Please let us know the solution. Thanks in advance.
  4. I cann´t export images (PNG, JPG, SVG) when I used my mobile. I checked your example: on my mobile, I cann´t export.
  5. Hi, We are using Fusion Charts in our web application and charts work fine on a browser on the desktop/Laptop. When we try to use the same on a mobile or a hand held device, the charts are not displayed properly. PFA Screenshot of the same. Please let us know how can this problem be resolved. Thanks and regards, Akhila
  6. Hi there, I am right now facing some issue with my sample chart website (using the demo provided by your website - as of version for april 2013). My intention is wanna display those charts (Fusion Charts & Fusion Widget) on mobile/browser that did not support the flash on their platform. The problem that i am facing is some chart did not displayed (especially for the fusion widget). For your info I use the fusioncharts.js file (that is included with fusion chart XT demo) & put in in the code behind. below is the sample link : I did try to put the fusioncharts.js (for fusion widget) on the code behind, the fusion widget able to be displayed, but not able to display the fusion chart. what problem that I am facing right now? Is it there some differences between the *.js file provided for fusion charts & fusion widget? is there any better way to overcome this issue? reply ASAP