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Found 8 results

  1. Using date in columned chart

    Hi, I would like to add some date info to the displayed data, but I don't find anything in the doc. Basically, I have a chart with months or days on the abscissa , and when i click on a column I want to easily retrieve the according date in the listener. I have tried to add , besides "data" and "label", an info "start" but it doesn't appear in the dataobj object. The label does not contains all the date info ( just the day of the week or the number in the month ) Any ideas someone ? Thanks
  2. I am having a problem with a chart recognising dates from Excel correctly. I have a simple table in a spreadsheet which is published to SharePoint Excel Services. The table has two columns, the first are dates and the second numbers. I have selected the Excel file, sheet and table cells range in the Collabion Wizard and when I click View Data it shows the data from Excel incorrectly. In the Excel file the dates are in the format dd/MM/yyyy and are displayed as MMM-yy eg. 01/11/2012 => Nov-12 but in the View Data panel of the Wizard the same date is showing as 2014-11-12T00:00:00 How can I get Collabion to recognise the correct dates? Also, assuming the correct dates are shown how can I get the x-axis labels to show MMM-yy? I am using version v1.1.8 on SharePoint 2010 Enterprise.
  3. Hi there, When i try to group by a date column that is calculated to show week ending dates, I get an error that says the I have provided a large data set with more than 250 plotting points. If I use a non-calculated date column (the source for the calculation), I don't get this error. Can you either add 'week' to the 'group by' drop down, or suggest a way that I can get this to work? Thanks, -Blake.
  4. Hello, I'm trying to create a chart showing two series lines. The first would be the Planned Costs (vs. Date) and the second series is the Actual Costs (vs. Date). The problem is that there are large date gaps between data points and I have dates where I don't have values for both series. If a "Actual" cost is between two "Planned" costs, the line is broken for both series. Is there a reason that the lines are not continuous? Is there a way that I can get the lines to not be broken? I've tried grouping the date data by day, but this did not solve my issue. Also, without date grouping, the X-axis does not represent correct spacing for date data. The gaps are always uniform in the data. is there a way to set the x-axis to a date range and have it scale correctly? This didn't seem to work with an X-Y chart either. This seems like it should be a fairly simple problem for this type of program. I've attached example data and a screenshot of the chart that is created. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Best regards. Example Data: Broken Line Chart:
  5. Hello, I have an issue tracking list on sharepoint which hasn't got that many inputs from any individual category, that outputs a grouped chart displaying the count of issues by date (grouped by month). Whenever a single slice of data has no entries (month with no issues), it doesn't display on the chart (eg: July will display just after May, skipping empty June), causing plenty of misinterpretation. As the data is quite seasonal, it happens frequently. Is there a way to display the empty months as in the "show items with no data" option from an Excel pivot table? Thanks for the help
  6. I cannot get LogMSColumn2D. swf javascript chart in PhP to display the category dates on X-Axis. The feature works fine in non-logarithmic Column2D For the regular I am using : $date = date("D (jS)",strtotime($ors[0])) ; $strXML .= "<set label='".$date."' value='".$ors[1]."' color='00FF00'/>"; $strXML .= ""; For the LogMSColumn2D ( to get chart to display) I am using: $date .= date("D (jS)",strtotime($ors[0])) ; $strXML.="<categories> <category label='".$date."'/>"; $strXML.="</categories>"; $strXML.="<dataset> <set value='".$ors[1]."' color='00FF00'/>"; $strXML.="</dataset>"; $strXML .= ""; What am I missing?
  7. Hi, Can you help me with a simple chart I am trying to configure? I have a small set of data as follows Schedule As of Jan 2014 Current Forecast Nov-2018 Original Contract Nov-2016 and I need to create a chart as attached. The issue I am having is it doesn't seem to recognise dates as a scale on the y-axis. I can only set value for the y-axis min and max as numbers and the bars do not show. Is this possible? Any advice would be much appreciated.
  8. I have a data set up in a SP list as follows; Plan (text) Test Date (date, e.g., 03/01/2012, no time) Responses (number, 0 decimals) Trying to group by Plan, show distinct value from Test Date with sum of Responses. When I group by Test Date (Quarter) and then distinct values from Plan it works fine. When I try to group by Plan first with distinct Test Date, I get a chart with no columns representing Responses. What am I missing? Thanks!