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Found 2 results

  1. In a web application working well since 2011 we've discovered an issue related with some characters used in spanish like "ñ", "í" and some more. Now appears different, "ñ" for the "ñ", "Ã-" for "í", and so on, with having changed anything on server side. No problem with Firefox or Chrome We found the issue in IE 10 with Shockwave Flash v.11.8.800.174, no problem rendering in SVG It works fine in IE 8 with Shockwave Flash v. but appears updating Flash to v.11.8.800.174 Any solution to this issue is available? Thanks in advance
  2. Hi, If you have the following chart and run it in flash and then javascript, the set elements link attributes are encoded differently. The links produced will provide different values for the variables. This leads to us not being able to process the variables because they come out differently for each chart. Why are you encoding them in different ways? Very annoying. <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?> -<graph canvasPadding="0" plotFillAlpha="100" plotFillColor="00558e" lineDashed="0" useRoundEdges="1" rotateValues="1" showValues="0" divLineColor="000000" canvasBgColor="dad9da" rotateLabels="1" xaxisname="X-Axis" yaxisname="Y-Axis" imageSaveURL="rdTemplate/rdAnimatedChart/FCExporter.aspx" imageSave="1" unescapeLinks="0" showBorder="0" chartBottomMargin="" chartTopMargin="" chartRightMargin="" chartLeftMargin="" numberPrefix="" showLabels="1" bgColor="ffffff" Caption="" animation="1" showFCMenuItem="0">-<styles>-<definition><style type="font" color="5b5b5b" size="11" font="Helvetica" name="DataLabelsFontStyle"/><style type="font" color="5b5b5b" size="11" font="Helvetica" name="YAXISVALUESFontStyle"/><style type="font" color="5b5b5b" size="11" font="Helvetica" name="LegendFontStyle"/></definition>-<application><apply styles="DataLabelsFontStyle" toObject="DataLabels"/><apply styles="YAXISVALUESFontStyle" toObject="YAXISVALUES"/><apply styles="LegendFontStyle" toObject="Legend"/></application></styles> <set color="00558e" link="javascript:SubmitForm('somePage.aspx?rdReport=19285&var=Toms%2bSpezialit%25c3%25a4ten&var2=7%252f5%252f1996','','false','',null,null)" alpha="100" label="Toms Spezialitäten" value="11.6100"/><set color="00558e" link="javascript:SubmitForm('somePage.aspx?rdReport=19285&var=Vins%2bet%2balcools%2bChevalier&var2=7%252f4%252f1996','','false','',null,null)" alpha="100" label="Vins et alcools Chevalier" value="32.3800"/> <trendlines/></graph>