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Found 4 results

  1. Hello, is there a way to make a linear color gradient for a linear gauge. Attached is the current style of my chart. I understand there are "gaugeFillMix" and "gaugeFillRatio" properties for this, however I'm not sure how to use them for this situation. I would like to change the chart color from a solid green, to a gradient of white on the left side and becoming greener as it gets closer to the right side. Thank you
  2. Hello, attached is a gif of a FusionCharts linear gauge I am using. In the gif, we can see a card render with a title and education and then a few seconds later the FusionChart linear gauge appears with some salary information. I am using FusionCharts with react, and followed the tutorial for how to set up FusionCharts with react. Is there a reason for the delay? Is there any way to improve the time or work around it? Any help or explanation would be great, thank you Edit - If I set animations not to run, I get my preferred outcome for the linear gauge to appear quicker. "animation": "0" The transitions do look nice and appealing, would there be way to speed up that animation transition, or at least the initial render?
  3. Hello All, I have downloaded the trial version of fusion chart for evaluation to check if all my requirements can be acheived I would like to know if it's possible to add text above and below each of the "trendpoints". I have added the "displayValue" for the text above the trendpoint. I'm trying to add text using annotations below each trendpoint, but i'm not able to get the X & Y position of each trendpoint to achieve that. So is it possible to get the position of trendpoints or is there a better approach to achieve my requirement?. I have added the image for reference
  4. Linear Gauge Gradient

    Hi there, how can i do a horizontal gradient on a linear gauge chart?