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Found 2 results

  1. Gantt Chart Indent Tasks

    I am working with a FusionCharts gantt chart. My customer is interested in having the tasks for each project line item indented. It looks like some industry gantt charts indent tasks associated with a project, while other gantt charts do not. FusionCharts seems to be one of those charts that doesn't. I was able to set the main project row to have a bold font, using the isBold option when I create my processes json. I did not see any other options for text formatting that could help me force an indent of the subsequent tasks associated with the project row. I tried using escape characters, spaces ( ), and regular spaces, tabs (\t), none of these had any luck. The spaces ( ) actually showed up on the gantt chart infront of the task names. Interestingly enough, when I did use escaped tabs or spaces, the tooltip that popped up when I put my mouse over the task row was indented, but the actual task on the gantt chart was not indented at all, or displayed the space characters ( ). Is there any tag or formatting I can apply to my task names to get them indented, while leaving my rows with the project names not indented and bold?
  2. Hi, Is is possible to control the height of the Gantt chart dynamically? I'm using the Gantt chart with pagination, so one time I have multiple processes to show and the other time I have just 1 process to show. In JavaScript I create the Gantt chart as follows: var chart = new FusionCharts( "Gantt", "ganttID", "100%", "100%"); // height = 100% When I have 12 processes (rows) then the chart will render at 611px, when I select only one row it will not alter the height. See attached screenshots to clarify my problem. Is it possible to let the chart determine it's own height depending on it's content? So something like height: auto... P.s. I know I can use some callbacks of the chart (like BeforeDataUpdate) where I can determine the number of rows myself and adjust the height of the chart manually. But I would like that to be some default functionality supported by FusionCharts...