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Found 3 results

  1. Hi, Is there a new WAR file with the new libraries? My exports don't work properly, for export to pdf, png, svg and jpeg. As well, I used to have a 3d pie chart that when right clicked on, would be able to show the 2d version. I've lost that functionality, is there some way to show the 2d version? Thanks, Shashank
  2. Hi, I have a US and a global map that I am trying to render. It worked fine on 3.2.2 on all browsers, but due to an issue in chrome, I had to upgrade, and now i get the message 'chart type not supported'. What happened in chrome recently that would cause my normal bar charts to not update when filters are changed? That's why I had to update, but if there is another fix around it, then I would rather just go back to old code. Or if I could just keep maps libraries at 3.2.2 that would be great. Thanks for the help, Shashank
  3. Hi, I have two funnel charts that work properly on load, and while browsing through my filters which still yield data. Once I change filters to a scenario with no data, I see the message 'No data to display', which is still correct. Then, when I set filters back to a scenario that does return data, the chart is not reloaded. Instead the message stays. This is only an issue with the funnel, and does not happen with pie, bar or line graphs. I have just updated from version 3.2.2 to 3.5, and saw this issue immediately. Also, when developer tools are open, the functionality works (I am using the latest version of chrome on windows 7). Thanks for your time! Shashank