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Found 3 results

  1. Hi team, I am using Fusion charts to create charts in my app. The chart type angular gauge is showing"Chart Type Not Supported" error. I have attached my code for your reference.Kindly help me on this issue. Thankyou. new 1.html iLearnJS.js
  2. Hi, I have a US and a global map that I am trying to render. It worked fine on 3.2.2 on all browsers, but due to an issue in chrome, I had to upgrade, and now i get the message 'chart type not supported'. What happened in chrome recently that would cause my normal bar charts to not update when filters are changed? That's why I had to update, but if there is another fix around it, then I would rather just go back to old code. Or if I could just keep maps libraries at 3.2.2 that would be great. Thanks for the help, Shashank
  3. Chart not supported error

    Hi, I am using fusion charts XT javascript charts. Consider the following situation - I have created Pie Chart and I have facility to edit that chart and select different chart types. While I switch between different chart types, It works perfectly as I want, but while ajax call is fetching the data, it shows the error "Chart type not supported with fusion charts logo below it". Following is the code I user to switch between the charts - var chartObject1 = FusionCharts("fu-chart-<?php echo $model->id ?>"); //if chart is already created, then dispose it if(chartObject1 != null) chartObject1.dispose(); //create the chart dynamically with chart type chartType var myChart = new FusionCharts( chartType, "fu-chart-<?php echo $model->id ?>", "100%", "100%"); var chartDataUrl = "path/to/url"; myChart.setXMLUrl(chartDataUrl); myChart.render("chartdiv-<?php echo $canvasItem->id ?>");