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Atul Veer

Avoiding Auto Adjustment Of Lower And Upper Limits In Linear Guage

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In my linear gauge, I have one situation where user wants value to be greater than the upper limit. In such a case, Linear gauge is auto adjusting itself to nearest upper limit so that, value becomes less that upper limit.


For e.g. I have lower limit = 0, upper limit = 20 and value = 25. I want to show pointer beyond the upper limit. But when linear guage renders, it auto adjusts its upper limit to 30, which is not expected. Is there any setting which will prevent this auto adjustment.


Please let me know.




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Hi Atul,


I am afraid, FusionWidgets does not support this, as of now. :(


In case any of the value is greater than the mentioned limit, the chart/gauge auto adjusts itself in order to fit the exceeding value. This is set internally and cannot be customized explicitly.

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