Fusioncharts For Sharepoint Drill Down Question

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Hello - I am using FusionCharts for Sharepoint (WSS 3.0) and have a bar chart generated from a simple SP list: Number of projects per engineer. A bar is shown with the count of projects for each of the engineers -- this works fine. Now what I'd like to do is add drill-down capability so that when a bar for one of the engineers is clicked, a second chart launches with a bar displaying the count of each of the products the engineer is working with on his/her projects. When I try to do this now, the second chart launches and the product names are shown across the x axis, but not the count. It simply lists them all accross the bottom (even duplicates). How can I get this chart to show a single bar for each product with its count?


Thanks - Pete

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Hi Pete,


Could you please download the updated version of Collabion Charts for SharePoint (FusionCharts for SharePoint is now Collabion Charts for SharePoint) and check the drill-down functionality once again?


I hope this will solve the issue.

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