Fusioncharts And Elasticsearch

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I became interested in Fusioncharts as a nice candidate for our (yet to be implemented) dashboard which will use elastic search as a backend.

However, since we are still in POC phase with very little JS knowledge (we are server side java shop), I am risking again to ask something silly, but I just couldn't find an answer in tutorials I went through today.

Here is briefly what I think we need to do:


1. We need to issue http post request to ElasticSearch (search query is JSON itself - part of the request body) and get response (async) via ajax call. Response is also JSON, basically the result of the faceted search.

2. We need to store this response in some JS variable and apply transformation so it eventually becomes JSON, fusionchart understands, so we can supply it as DataString.

3.. we need to do the same thing every few seconds, to support auto refresh.


Does anybody have an example how to do that, or something conceptually similar?

I am quite aware that valid answer could be: Read Jquery in Action, but I need some basic functionality working very soon as POC, so we can decide, is Fusioncharts is a way to go.


Thanks a lot for your patience & help in advance,


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Hello Milan,


Welcome to FusionCharts Forum! :)



FusionCharts does not support post data request internally as of now.

So you need to fetch the data using JavaScript Ajax post request, and then update the data to the Chart.


Please refer to the attached sample.

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