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Scott K

vDivLines on dual Y axis graphs

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I've tried to enable vertical div lines on a combination chart with dual Y axes (using only line plots) and the vDivLines don't appear.




Is that the intended behaviour? or am I missing something?




I've done all the obvious stuff, setting alpha to 100, etc.




TIA for any answers.

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I'm afraid the dual y axes charts do not support vertical divisional lines.

However, you can still use the <vline /> element between <category> element to plot a vertical divisional line between any two x-axis data points.

vLines are vertical separator lines that help you separate blocks of data. These lines run through the height of the chart, thereby segregating data into different blocks.

For example, if you're plotting a chart showing monthly sales from October 2005-Mar 2006, you might want to plot a vertical separator line between Dec 2005 and January 2006 to indicate end of year.

The XML would be:


<category label='Oct 2005' />

<category label='Nov 2005' />

<category label='Dec 2005' />

<vLine color='FF5904' thickness='2' />

<category label='Jan 2006' />

<category label='Feb 2006' />


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