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I have just upgraded to the latest version of FusionCharts and they are currently not rendering correctly, the older version is still working without issue. The same happens if I set the charts to render using JavaScript as well. (See attached screen shots).


Any ideas what might be causing this?





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Guest Angshu



Thanks for your post.


Could you please send us the XML code to look into the issue?


Awaiting for your response.

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Code is created in code-behind and set at the text to a liternal control.


'Create Stringbuilder
       Dim xmlData As New StringBuilder()

       'Generate the chart element
       xmlData.Append("<chart caption='Application and Award Number (YTD)' bgAlpha='0,0' canvasBgAlpha='0' showBorder='0' formatNumberScale='1' rotatelabels='0' showvalues='1' connectNullData='1' showExportDataMenuItem='1' xAxisName='Academic Year' yAxisName='Number' >")

       'Set DataSet and Values
       Dim AppNumSeries As String = "SET DateFormat dmy "
       AppNumSeries = AppNumSeries & "SELECT * FROM TABLE"
       Dim RSAppN As New DbConn(AppNumSeries)

       While RSAppN.ReadData.Read()
           xmlData.Append(String.Format("<set label='Apps. 09/10' value='{0}' />", RSAppN.ReadData("OlderCount")))
           xmlData.Append(String.Format("<set label='Apps. 10/11' value='{0}' />", RSAppN.ReadData("OldCount")))
           xmlData.Append(String.Format("<set label='Apps. 11/12' value='{0}' />", RSAppN.ReadData("CurrentCount")))
       End While


       'Set DataSet and Values
       Dim AwardNumSeries As String = "SET DateFormat dmy "
       AwardNumSeries = AwardNumSeries & "SELECT * FROM TABLEB"
       Dim RSAwardN As New DbConn(AwardNumSeries)

       While RSAwardN.ReadData.Read()
           xmlData.Append(String.Format("<set label='Awards 09/10' value='{0}' />", RSAwardN.ReadData("OlderCount")))
           xmlData.Append(String.Format("<set label='Awards 10/11' value='{0}' />", RSAwardN.ReadData("OldCount")))
           xmlData.Append(String.Format("<set label='Awards 11/12' value='{0}' />", RSAwardN.ReadData("CurrentCount")))
       End While



       'Create the chart - Multi-Series Line Chart with data from xmlData
       Return FusionCharts.RenderChart("Charts/Column3D.swf", "", xmlData.ToString(), "chartid", "100%", "250", False, True, True)

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Guest Angshu



Thanks for your response.


Could you please confirm whether you are using single series chart or multi series chart ?


Please note that FusionCharts has different XML structure for single and multi series charts.


To know more, please visit the links below:


Also, please note that for rendering JavaScript charts, FusionCharts makes use of FusionCharts.HC.js, FusionCharts.HC.Charts.js and jquery.min.js. These files are present in Charts folder of the Download Pack. You do not need to load these files explicitly in HTML. FusionCharts.js automatically takes care of the loading. You would only need to include FusionCharts.js in your web page (however, do not forget to copy the rest of files to your web application). The rest of the JavaScript files will be automatically loaded on-demand by FusionCharts.js.


Hope this helps.

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