Rendering Problem W/ Mscolumn 3D.swf (Internal Width Too Large)

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we just noticed a small bug with MSColumn3d.swf after upgrading it from 3.2.0 to 3.2.2(XT). It seems that the internal width (area with the columns) seems to be have a width larger than the actual chart. See the attached files: the left yellow column is out of the gray area.


For a testcase, use this xml (I grabbed it from the debug window, loaded via xhr).


<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<chart shownames="1" showvalues="0" showToolTipShadow="1" bgAlpha="40,100" 
          bgAngle="270" showBorder="0" thousandSeparator="." decimalSeparator="," 
          decimals="2" formatNumberScale="1" numberScaleValue="1024,1024,1024,1024" 
          numberScaleUnit="KB,MB,GB,TB" yAxisName="Größe" bgColor="99CCFF,ffffff" canvasBgColor="ffffff,e1f5ff">
	<category label="HLMON_DATA"/>
	<category label="SYSAUX"/>
	<category label="SYSTEM"/>
	<category label="TEMP"/>
	<category label="UNDOTBS1"/>
	<category label="USERS"/>
<dataset seriesName="benutzt" showValues="0" hlmonitor-color-name="yellow" color="FFFF00">
	<set value="2039545856" toolText="HLMON_DATA{br}1.90 GB/2.10 GB {br}(92.6%)" color="FFFF00"/>
	<set value="234160128" toolText="SYSAUX{br}223.30 MB/400.00 MB {br}(55.8%)" color="FFFF00"/>
	<set value="295960576" toolText="SYSTEM{br}282.30 MB/700.00 MB {br}(40.3%)" color="FFFF00"/>
	<set value="2097152" toolText="TEMP{br}2.00 MB/280.00 MB {br}(.7%)" color="FFFF00"/>
	<set value="556990464" toolText="UNDOTBS1{br}531.20 MB/1.10 GB {br}(48.3%)" color="FFFF00"/>
	<set value="1048576" toolText="USERS{br}1.00 MB/100.00 MB {br}(1.0%)" color="FFFF00"/>
<dataset seriesName="insgesamt" showValues="0" hlmonitor-color-name="blue" color="0026FE">
	<set value="2202009600" toolText="HLMON_DATA{br}1.90 GB/2.10 GB {br}(92.6%)"/>
	<set value="419430400" toolText="SYSAUX{br}223.30 MB/400.00 MB {br}(55.8%)"/>
	<set value="734003200" toolText="SYSTEM{br}282.30 MB/700.00 MB {br}(40.3%)"/>
	<set value="293601280" toolText="TEMP{br}2.00 MB/280.00 MB {br}(.7%)"/>
	<set value="1153433600" toolText="UNDOTBS1{br}531.20 MB/1.10 GB {br}(48.3%)"/>
	<set value="104857600" toolText="USERS{br}1.00 MB/100.00 MB {br}(1.0%)"/>







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Guest Sumedh

Greetings. :)


I am afraid, We are looking into the issue.


We would update you on this, as it will be resolved.


Hope you have a great day. :)

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Guest Sumedh



This issue has been resolved now.


We are glad to inform you that, we have released a new version of FusionCharts XT i.e., FusionCharts XT v3.2.2 Service Release 4.


It has many bug fixes and enhancements.


You can get the trial version from here: http://www.fusioncha...ownload/trials/

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