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Histogram Chart With Vertical Line

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Hi Developers,


I am trying to display Histogram chart with vertical line. below coding not fulfilled my requirement.


Column2D chart


<graph caption= 'Histogram' rotateNames='0' animation='0' showValues='0' plotSpacePercent = '0' showXAxisValues='0' >

<set name='19.5' value='22' color= "0080FF" />

<set name='22.5' value='15' color= "0080FF" />

<vLine label='LSL : 25' linePosition='0' showLabelBorder='' llabelHAlign='left' labelVAlign='bottom'


color='E74759'thickness='3' alpha='60' />

<set name='25.5' value='19' color= "0080FF" />

<set name='28.5' value='19' color= "0080FF" />

<vLine label='USL : 30' linePosition='0' showLabelBorder='' llabelHAlign='left' labelVAlign='bottom' color='E74759'


thickness='3' alpha='60' />

<set name='31.5' value='20' color= "0080FF" />

<set name='34.5' value='4' color= "0080FF" />

<set name='37.5' value='1' color= "0080FF" />




I attached image that will say my requirement clearly.

Anybody could help me to achieve my requirement will be appreciating.


Thanks in Advance.


Ravichandran. P

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