Histogram Chart With Vertical Line

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Hi Developers,


I am trying to display Histogram chart with vertical line. below coding not fulfilled my requirement.


Column2D chart


<graph caption= 'Histogram' rotateNames='0' animation='0' showValues='0' plotSpacePercent = '0' showXAxisValues='0' >

<set name='19.5' value='22' color= "0080FF" />

<set name='22.5' value='15' color= "0080FF" />

<vLine label='LSL : 25' linePosition='0' showLabelBorder='' llabelHAlign='left' labelVAlign='bottom'


color='E74759'thickness='3' alpha='60' />

<set name='25.5' value='19' color= "0080FF" />

<set name='28.5' value='19' color= "0080FF" />

<vLine label='USL : 30' linePosition='0' showLabelBorder='' llabelHAlign='left' labelVAlign='bottom' color='E74759'


thickness='3' alpha='60' />

<set name='31.5' value='20' color= "0080FF" />

<set name='34.5' value='4' color= "0080FF" />

<set name='37.5' value='1' color= "0080FF" />




I attached image that will say my requirement clearly.

Anybody could help me to achieve my requirement will be appreciating.


Thanks in Advance.


Ravichandran. P


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Guest Sumedh

Greetings. smile.gif


It seems you are using FusionCharts Free version.


Please note, most of the features are not available in FusionCharts Free version.


However you can download, FusionCharts XT 3.2.2 version.


This version has various advanced features.


For more information, please refer the following URL:



To download FusionCharts XT 3.2.2 version refer : http://www.fusioncharts.com/download/trials/


Hope this helps. smile.gif

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