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Version Difference For Formatnumberscale

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We purchased FusionCharts XT (v3.2.2) Service Release 2 (Ticket ID: 91064). But it have some diffence with v3.2.1 Evalution


The property formatNumberScale="0” has no effect in Multi_Series_Combi2D_DY (MSCombiDY2D.swf) chart of FusionCharts XT v3.2.2 licensed version

But the same working in FusionCharts v3.2.1 Evaluation version


Please find the attachment for the XML file & the screen shot of issue.


Kindly guide us to get priory support from Fusioncharts.

Thanks & Regards,




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Guest Sumedh

Hi, smile.gif


Could you please try to add and modify "sFormatNumberScale='0'" attribute under the chart element?


Ref. code:


<chart ... sFormatNumberScale='0'>


Please find attached screenshot for your reference.


Hope this


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