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Chart Stop Workin Issue In Ie

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I am facing this issue only in IE. I explain you actual scenario.


In my application, there are two tabs in tab panel. I have chart in second panel with drill down utility.

When I run application, I show up second tab having chart and drill down utility working fine.

Now I am changing to first tab (without chart) and when get back to second tab in chart, drill down stop to work and IE throwing below error.


SCRIPT438: Object doesn't support this property or method


When I explore the code to find the line, I found the error in RED line below.




if( immediate !== false && (o = this.getInterface())){

if( 'setDataXML' in o ){









When I more explore code, I found that value of o changed in BLUE line in above code when I change tab and come back to chart tab.


Note: I am facing this issue only in IE (any version). In Chrome and FF, its work fine.


Any workaround or solution for this?




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