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Scale:exactfit Canvas Color Issue

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i set the scaleMode : "exactfit" but the chart canvas color is showing blue color and chart looks as blur even it is not showing exact result what the changes need to do


var chart_<%=chartId%> = new FusionCharts("<%=chartSWF%>", "<%=chartId%>","<%=chartWidthStr%>"

,"<%=chartHeightStr%>", "<%= debugModeInt%>", "<%= regWithJSInt%>", {scaleMode : "exactfit"});


See with exact fit in 2d and 3D chart





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Guest Sumedh



Scale mode is Flash player's mode of scaling a chart. NoScale is the default value.


There are other settings namely, showAll, ExactFit, noBorder. But these are not supported and might result in distorted charts.


"noScale" is the recommended method for FusionCharts, as that scales the chart in pixels.

"exactFit" method basically re-scales the entire chart instead of re-drawing.

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