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Multi Series Lines Atuo Coloring & Threshold Coloring

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I'm using MSLine.swf for multi-series line chart. The total number of Categories/Datasets is unknown. This chart is for a new product being launched in new markets slowly over the next two years. So, when the data is queried, the number of markets returned will increase over time.


I removed explicit line coloring in the datasets and it looks likes FusionCharts is automatically choosing line colors (good).


I also need to display trendlines on the graph - or more specifically threshold ranges (like green >= 98% | yellow <98% and >= 90% | red < 90%).


My question is: With line colors being automatically selected, is it possible to exclude those trendline (threshold) colors? Hopefully that makes sense --- On a chart from 0% to 100% the entire background will be sections (thrednlines) of green/yellow/red). Since I have an unknown number of categories and have to allow Fusioncharts to automatically select line colors, can I prevent line colors that match or are too close to the trendline colors? Is FusionCharts smart enough to not use anything close to a set trendline color for a linecolor?


I'm guessing the only way around this might be for me to create a db table for hex line colors where I can pre-define a very long list of colors that don't clash with the trendline colors (where I could dynamically apply them in order for each new dataset inserted into the XML string).


Thanks for any advice.

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As of now, for lines chart uses a pre defined set of colors (these colors work independently and apart from trennd-line colors) which you can also modify using paletteColors attribute. It takes comma separated hex colors. So, all you would need to do is to define this attribute with a set of colors which do not conflict with your trendline colors.

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