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Sagar Kamate

Legends Not Showing

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Hello to all,


I am using the Line charts in my web application.


And according to the date selection criteria i am showing the line chart.


if i have multiple records for selected range, every thing is working fine. It showing the correct chart and also the legends.


but if i have only one record then it does not show single point on chart and also not showing the legends.


I am using the Fusion flash charts for IE browser.

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Hi Sagar,


Legend is supported only for multi-series / combination charts. The legend does not appear for single-series charts because there is only one series in the chart.


Only Pie/Doughnut charts supports legend using Single series of data.


If you are rendering a Single series Line chart(Line.swf), legend will not be displayed.


Also, can you please confirm which chart type is used to display single point on the chart?


Hope this helps.:)

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Hello Swarnam,


Thank you for replaying .I have issue specifically in IE browser.


I am using multi series line chart. and legends are displayed in FireFox but not a single point.


And for FireFox we have used the javascript for rendering.


While for IE we have used flash for rendering and for IE point as well as legends are not showing.

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It works only if it rendered through the Java Script Mode.

In flash mode it throws error.Please tell me how to do this in flash mode.


<chart yAxisMaxValue="12" yAxisMinValue="2.5" bgColor="121212" bgAlpha="100"

canvasbgColor="121212" canvasbgAlpha="100" baseFont="Arial" baseFontSize="12"

baseFontColor="6C6C6C" outCnvBaseFont="Arial" outCnvBaseFontSize="12"

outCnvBaseFontColor="6C6C6C" legendBgColor="121212" legendBgAlpha="100"

legendBorderColor="121212" legendBorderAlpha="100" legendShadow="0"

showValues="0" showAlternateHGridColor="0" DivlineColor="121212" DivlineAlpha="100"

DivlineThickness="0" paletteColors="FAB71F,F18904,CC4516,678377,A5AC4C"

legendPosition="BOTTOM" anchorRadius="0" xAxisNamePadding="30"

interactiveLegend="1" showPercentageValues="1" caption="Avg Vs.Month"

chartLeftMargin="18" captionPadding="5" legendNumColumns="2"

AlternateHGridColor="121212" adjustDiv="0" rotateLabels="1" slantLabels="1"

exportEnabled="0" exportShowMenuItem="0" exportAtClient="0" showBorder="0" plotFillRatio="100,0">


<category label="02/12"/>


<dataset SeriesName="Jan">

<set value="5.09"/>


<dataset SeriesName="Feb">

<set value="8.03"/>


<dataset SeriesName="Mar">

<set value="10.45"/>


<dataset SeriesName="Apr">

<set value="5.93"/>


<dataset SeriesName="May">

<set value="6.28"/>


<dataset SeriesName="Jun">

<set value="5.08"/>


<dataset SeriesName="Jul">

<set value="10.84"/>




<style name="myLabelsFont" type="font" font="Arial" size="12" color="6C6C6C"/>

<style name="myLegendFont" type="font" font="Arial" size="12" color="FFFFFF"/>



<apply toObject="DATAPLOT" styles=""/>

<apply toObject="DataLabels" styles=""/>

<apply toObject="Legend" styles=""/>




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Guest Bindhu

Hi Sagar,


Thank you for the XML data.


Please try and upgrade to the latest version of FusionCharts XT, i.e., FusionCharts v3.2.2 SR3.


Also, please remove the 'anchorRadius' attribute definition from the XML data.


Please find attached screen shot of the chart rendered in IE browser and in FireFox browser.


Hope this helps !



Edited by Bindhu

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Thank you for answer.


Can you suggest me another solution for that?(Rather than changing the version

because i have used the charts for near about 25 forms and another all is working fine except this one)


It works for the Javascript rendered mode.


I want to do this in flash mode for IE browsers7 and on words.


Edited by Sagar Kamate

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