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'cancelled' Appears In An Alert() On Widget Refresh

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i have a dashboard, on a web page, organized into tabs.

on page load, and each time the user selects a tab, my script ajax's in that tabs content, after emptying the div container.

the dashboard is the only page using fusionWidgets, though i do have charts in other places.

i'm using fusioncharts/widgets 3.2.3 if i'm not mistaken.


if i enable the print manager, each angular gauge i have on my page pops up an alert("Cancelled"), whenever i navigate back to the tab containing the dashboard.

it makes 2 alerts for each time the dashboard tab button has been clicked.


to get around this, i attempted to have all the charts render in javascript instead of flash, but then i get an error message from the two widgets, stating that my chart type is unsupported.


help me please.

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Apologies for the delay.


Yes, this has been identified as an issue and will be fixed in the Trial version shortly.


If you are a licensed customer, please do note this issue has been already fixed. Please try re-downloading the product.

Hope this helps.:)

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