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Many users of my site are not using Flash. When these users (pure Javascript) click the export button I wish to send the svg to my server (I'm happy to let Flash handle exports where possible) I chart attributes thus;





exportFileName='Band Analysis' \


But when I click the export button data is sent to the highcharts server no matter what.


I've also tried


if( typeof chartObj1._overrideJSChartConfiguration === 'function'){ // pass exporting configuration module chartObj1._overrideJSChartConfiguration({ exporting:{ url: '../export/JSChartExport/index.php //path of HC exporter } });}


but this does nothing.


I'm using version 322

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Further to the above.

Iv'e tried everything I can (ExportHadler, html5ExportHandler, _overrideJSChartConfiguration) Nothing will stop FusionCharts from sending to


I'm using Current Version:FusionCharts XT (v3.2.2) Service Release 2 (Released on 25th January, 2012)


Help, I can't make any progress on this!

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Guest Sashibhusan



The JavaScript chart is exporting the SVG file of the chart without any error, using Batik library.


Please find the attached sample for the same.


Please try the sample after changing the path (according to your server configuration) to index.php file in the Data.XML file.


Hope this helps!

Edited by Sashibhusan

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