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Xaxis Labels Not Displaying + Sign.

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Can somebody tell me why a '+' plus sign does not display in the XAxis labels for a Multi-Series Column 3D charts? I'm using the the Drupal API module with array data. The array data contains credits such as AA+, A+, B+, etc.., but the labels for the outputted chart are AA, A & B. Is there a work around for this? The problem is enhanced because the showLabels = 0 setting does not seem to be working. I can't display the correct labels and I can't get the incorrect labels not to display.


$info->settings = array('Caption' => 'Credit Detail',

'bgColor'=> 'ffccff',

'yAxisName' => '% Market Value',

'numberPrefix' => '$',

'showBorder' =>'1',

'borderThickness' => '10',

'outCnvBaseFont' => 'Arial',

'outCnvBaseFontSize' => '14',

'outCnvBaseFontColor' => '63628A',

'showLabels' => '0', );


Please help.

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Could you please URL encode the "+" sign to "%2B" and see if this helps?


Also, please try setting "showNames" to '0' and see if this helps.


Hope this helps. :)

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