Renderas Attribute Not Available In Dataset Tag For Mscolumn3Dlinedy

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I need some help regarding Multi Series 3D Dual Y Combination chart.

This chart by default renders 3rd dataset as a line and renderAs="Column" attribute is not supported for this chart.

If we use Dual Y 2D combination chart then it supports renderAs attribute.

I have one requirement where we want to use 3D Dual Y Combination chart and we want to show each dataset as column in the chart, and I am using MSColumn3DLineDY.swf chart, but this chart doesn't render the 3rd dataset as Column even if I mention renderAs="Column" attribute for that dataset.

When I use 2D dual Y chart (MSCombiDY2D.swf), renderAs="Column" attribute works fine there, but I dont want to use 2D chart.

It ill be great if renderAs Attribute is upported in this chart.

This is very urgent requirement for our client as they have already bought Fusioncharts license!!

So is there any solution for my stated problem?


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In Multi-series Column 3D Line Dual Y Combination Chart to render by default data plots are rendered as Column and Line.


If you would like all 3 data-sets to be displayed as Columns and line data-set to be removed using MSColumn3DLineDY.swf . As a workaround try adding empty data-set elements as the last element.


Please find the attached screenshot for your reference. If this does not satisfy your requirement, please send us the screenshot.


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I have tried adding empty dataset at the end but it is not working for me.

Here is the sample XML which I am using cuurently with the snapshot of the rendered chart:


<chart palette="1" caption="Sales" showLabels="1" showvalues="0" numberPrefix="$" sYAxisValuesDecimals="2" connectNullData="0" PYAxisName="Revenue" SYAxisName="Quantity" numDivLines="4" formatNumberScale="0">

<categories> <category label="March" /> <category label="April" /> <category label="May" /> <category label="June" /> <category label="July" /> </categories>

<dataset seriesName="Product A" color="AFD8F8" showValues="0" parentYAxis="P"> <set value="25601.34" /> <set value="20148.82" /> <set value="17372.76" /> <set value="35407.15" /> <set value="38105.68" /> </dataset>

<dataset seriesName="Product B" color="F6BD0F" showValues="0" parentYAxis="P"> <set value="57401.85" /> <set value="41941.19" /> <set value="45263.37" /> <set value="117320.16" /> <set value="114845.27" dashed="1"/> </dataset>

<dataset seriesName="Total Quantity" color="8BBA00" showValues="0" parentYAxis="S"> <set value="45000" /> <set value="44835" /> <set value="42835" /> <set value="77557" /> <set value="92633" /> </dataset>

<dataset seriesName="Dummy" color="000000" showValues="0" parentYAxis="S></dataset>




Please let me know where I am making mistake.



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I'm afraid, it is not possible to render any data set as a column while plotting against secondary axis.


By default MSColumn3DLineDY.swf renders as Line when plotted against secondary axis(parentYAxis="S").



<dataset seriesName="Total Quantity" color="8BBA00" showValues="0" parentYAxis="P">


Hope this helps.

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But the requirement is such that I have to plot first two dataset on Primary Y-Axis and the third dataset on Secondary Y-Axis.

According to you the third datset will be by default rendered as line.

Is there any workaround for rendering Secondary Y-Axis dataset as a Column?

Can FusionCharts allow renderAs="Column" in MSColumn3DLineDY chart?

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