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Dinesh M

Load Data Incrementally On Gantt Chart

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I am using "Ganttr" Chart and in that due to heavy loading of data it is taking some time to load as in my database if 10k records are present then on the x-axis(categories) are loading at slower rate and along with that if calculations are done on such a large set of data it is taking a much time.


So to avoid this , I need some thing called as "incremental data loading" as first I want to load the all categories and process then if they are loaded then I need to load all tasks shown inside the Gantt chart



So is there any mechanism available by which I will be able to incrementally load the data and display to the user.


Please let me know if we can do something like the above mentioned scenario.






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Guest Sashibhusan

Hi Dinesh,


I am afraid, the feature of incremental data loading for "Gantt" chart is not possible.


Please note that the charts of FusionCharts Suite have varying data plot limits depending upon the chart types and the performance of the chart could be increased upto some extent by opting to set off shadow, animation and tooltip etc.


However you can implement your own logic to plot the limited data out of entire database in the Gantt Chart but incremental loading of data is not possible.


Hope this helps!

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