New Version of FusionCharts Instrumentation Suite v2

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Can you tell me when you will be releasing FusionCharts Instrumentation Suite v3?

Got a few suggestions for v3:

  • Palette Support for Charts
  • Background Gradient support for Charts
  • Label or Legend support for the Angular Gauge (so you know which dial represents which value)
  • Basically all the features you added to Fusions Charts V3!!!! :)




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Hi Pallav,

do you have a estimated Delivery Date for Instrumentation V3. We are highly interested in being a beta Tester. As some of our customers are really interested in Gauges, we would like to be an early adaptor. But due to our software design, it would be neccessary that the syntax of using istrumentation is nearly the same like in Fusioncharts, which is not the case in Instrumentation V2.

best regards,


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