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At "Documentation --> Advanced Charting --> Setting backgrounds for chart" you show how to position and size the background picture several different ways. What is the portion of the chart being pointed to by the blue arrow that I have provided?




Is there a way to have the background fill only that portion? I can fill the entire portion pointed to by the purple arrow but I want to consistently 100% fill the portion pointed to by the blue arrow even when the chart is resized. This would enable us to keep the Y Axis values an X axis labels clearly visible and outside the perimeter of the background image.




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Guest Bindhu



The one that the purple arrow is pointing to is the entire chart's background.


The one that the blue arrow is pointing to is the chart canvas, on which the data plots are drawn.


You may apply an image as the background only for the entire chart's background, i.e., the area pointed by the purple arrow.


You cannot apply image as the background for the chart canvas only.


However, you may apply color for the chart canvas alone.


Ref. Code:

<chart canvasBgColor='045900' ...>


For more details on 'Attributes for Chart Canvas', please refer to the link below,


Hope this helps!

Edited by Bindhu

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