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Graphing Outliers And Yaxismaxvalue

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The forums indicate that yAxisMaxValue has absolutely no effect if any data exceeds the maximum value. How, then, does one graph series data when there may be an anomalous point well outside the normal range. This occurs quite often with our charts monitoring equipment usage, where a burst of activity will far exceed the normal day-to-day usage. Fusion Charts forces the chart to encompass even the anomalous point, which renders the other 99% of the chart useless, as the rest of the series clumped visually too closely to distinguish.


We need way to show the graph centered around the bulk of the data, and allow that anomalous point to exist off the chart. (We cannot adjust the data, as that gives an inaccurate picture to the client, and in testing does not look right visually, even with anchorRadius="0".)


How can this be accomplished in FusionCharts?


Thank you,


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Guest Bindhu

Hi Greg,


You are right about the yAxisMaxValue attribute.


I certainly understand your point, however, right now, FusionCharts does not support any attribute to suffice your requirement.


Hope this helps!

Edited by Bindhu

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