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Resizing Issue (Order Id Is 104856)

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Hai i have Dash boards on starting page .Each Dash board is a Zkoss panel .i have a ZKoss component HMTL

i am setting the resultant fusionchartrender.jsp to that content .my content is below .it is showing chart in a panel

If i maximize a panel or minimize a panel onPanelMaximizedHelper method will call and fusion charts.jsp is calling automatically by resizing that

But in another secnario i am not clicking on panel manually .i am maximizing panel by code like





The same method executing in two secanrios(one by manual event and other by code) variables ,values everything coming correctly but chart is not generating( fusionchart.jsp is not calling) after maximixing through code it is showing empty .If i minimize that empty panel agin chart generating by calling fusionchart.jsp



Here if i manually resize then only fusion chart.jsp is calling why ?



-------------------------------dashBoardCreate class ---------------------------------


public void onPanelMaximizedHelper(Panel panel){

Panelchildren pc=(Panelchildren) panel.getChildren().get(0);

Html html=(Html) pc.getChildren().get(0);

Portallayout portLayout=(Portallayout)panel.getParent().getParent();

tring HtmlContent =html.getContent();


making some change to HtmlContent














//Here my html content

Html chartFormHtml = new Html();

htmlCode.append("<form id="+formID+" target="+iFrame+" method='post' action='/BCMSWeb/Charts/FusionChart.jsp'>" );


htmlCode.append("<input type='hidden' name='chartID' value='"+chartDetail.getChartId()+"'/>");

htmlCode.append("<input type='hidden' name='strlXml' value='"+strXML+"'/>");

htmlCode.append("<input type='hidden' name='swfFile' value='"+chartDetail.getSwfFile()+"'/>");

htmlCode.append("<input type='hidden' name='width' value='"+chartDetail.getChartWidth()+"'/>");

htmlCode.append("<input type='hidden' name='height' value='"+chartDetail.getChartHeight()+"'/>");


htmlCode.append("<iframe id ="+iFrame+" name="+iFrame+" border='0' frameborder='0' height='"+chartDetail.getiFrameHeight()+"' width='"+chartDetail.getiFrameWidth()+"'></iframe>");

htmlCode.append("<script type='text/javascript'>");

htmlCode.append(" document.getElementById("+formID+").submit();");



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