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Vertical Trend Lines And Scroll Line Chart

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Hi there!!


I would like to know if Scroll Line Chart supports Vertical Trend Lines. Like in the next example:




<line startIndex='5' displayValue='Trend 1' displayAlways='1'/>



If it is not posible, how can i plot a line like vertical trend line in the chart???

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Guest Bindhu



Only the Scatter, Bubble and the Zoom Line charts support vertical trend lines, which run through the height of the chart.


Scroll Line chart does not support vertical Trend Lines.


You may try using vLines are vertical (or horizontal in case of bar charts) separator lines.


These lines run through the height of the chart, thereby segregating data into different blocks.


In scroll charts, it is used between <category> elements as under:

  <category label='Oct 2005' />
  <category label='Nov 2005' />
  <category label='Dec 2005' />
 <vLine color='FF5904' thickness='2' />
  <category label='Jan 2006' />
  <category label='Feb 2006' />


For more details, please refer to the link below,



Hope this helps!

Edited by Bindhu

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