Using Overlaybuttons On Fusioncharts With Javascript Links

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I would like to use a javascript function link such as 'link:j-myJS-data' for drill down type charts. I have everything working great to drill down but cannot figure out how to incorporate the overlayButton through the configureLink . At present, I can drill down but cannot go back - no overlaybutton. Can anyone provide a basic example of how I may go about this? Is it even possible?


I thought I could add my own "Back" button to hande this as one option. I do not want to use a jsonURL as there is a lot of data and many paramertes need to be passed resutling in a long links and a lot of extra data in the JSON.


Thanks in advance.

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Any reason why you are using "j-" and not "LinkedCharts"? The button can be made visible using linkedcharts alone.


The button can also be invoked separately, but it does not have a documented API and is designed to specifically work with LinkedCharts.

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