Re-Size Liner Gauge From Example Page

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I'm trying to to re-size the Linear Gauge from example http://www.fusioncha...asp?id=linear_5


so it will be very small 100 px


i don't want the TickMarks and the TickValues - removed them with showTickMarks: '0', showTickValues:'0', , also I removed the good and bad labels - cause i don't need them


but all i manged to achieve is some thin line with white background


while what i want to achieve is the same linear gauge as in example , only smaller (100 px) and with transparent background



Any help will be appreciated....

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Guest Bindhu



If you reduce the height and width of the chart, then you will have to modify the values in the annotation too.


Please modify the attributes origW and origH appropriately.


Also, please share the sample image/dimensions of the chart.


Hope this helps!

Edited by Bindhu

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