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How To Update Variable With Javascript

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Can I update swf url with javascript?


var map = new FusionMaps("jakarta.swf", "submapid", "100%", "330", "0", "1");


I try with this code but i know is not function.


var changeMap = getMapFromId("mapsubid");


Need Help. Thanks before...


sorry for my bad english :)

Edited by Rawayan

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Guest Bindhu



Welcome to the FusionCharts Forum :)


Thank you for the post.


I am afraid, you will not be able to update the SWF for an existing chart.


You will have to create and re-render the chart again.


However, FusionCharts JavaScript classes offer a number of functions for providing data to chart and updating chart data.


For more details on 'Providing and updating chart data', please refer to the link below,


Hope this helps!

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