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yAxisMinvalue/yAxisMaxvalue settings

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I have a chart where on one day, we had an abnormally high spike in traffic, which just means that I have some data I wish to ignore.




So, my chart shows the number of page views along the y axis, and the date on the x axis. For ONE day, I have data pass the 10k range, whereas the rest are around the 2k range. So, what I'd like to do is to let the 10k data be presented, but zoom in on the chart so I only show the range of 1k to 5k, letting the 10k shoot past the top of the chart.


Sounds simple, so I figured that I could set the yAxisMaxValue to 5k, but it doesn't work. My guess is, based on other posts in this forum, is that even though I set a max value, and even though I say adjustDiv='0', it will still correct.




What else can I do (other than modifying the data I send in)?





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In FusionCharts, the y-axis limits are decided based on the entire collection of data. As such, if you've a spike in data for just a single day, it'll be considered while calculating the limits (even if you set adjustDiv=0).




One way to visualize such data would be to use logarithmic axis charts from PowerCharts suite - the log axis are much better to visualize data if you've such high deviations.

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Guest Angie

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