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Javascript Fusionwidgets

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Hi, I have a licence from 2010 for some FusionWidgets on my website . I can use that licence for the JS charts?

I have a flash linear gauge in my web page, and I'm interested in JS ones.

Where I could download the trial for the gauges?


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Guest Sumedh



Starting FusionWidgets XT, you can now render the gauges and charts on devices where Flash player is not supported (like in iPhone/iPad), is not installed or is disabled.


For this, FusionWidgets uses the built-in JavaScript rendering capabilities. The gauges and charts, rendered by this module, are purely using JavaScript and do not need Flash Player at all.


For more information, please refer the following URL's:


You can get the trial version from here:


And if you are wiling to buy the licensed version, please drop in a mail at [email protected]

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