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Real Time With Json Updates

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Let me start with saying I am new to Fusion Charts. I am looking for a good example of an angular guage using a JSON object to refresh the data with animations.



The goal is to not have the guage pull for updates - I want the server to push to the client page and have the page refresh the guage data with animation.



Any suggestions to point me in the right direction?








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Welcome to FusionCharts Forum ! :D


You can not feed JSON values as realtime update. However, you can make use of a number of JavaScript functions to update data of the angular gauge.


For example, you may use feedData function that takes a string to update chart gauge. The format of the string is same as the output expected from a realtime data streaming URL i.e., querystring format.


Example: myGauge.feedData("&value=10");


The other API s are (name and parameters):


a) setData(dialIndex, value)


B) setDataForId(dialId, value)



A complete list of APIs:


More examples:



The gauge in this example makes use of feedData function.

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It took some review.



I now have an angular guage rendered with javascript. The page subscribes to a web service that pushes data.



The client page recieves pushed JSON objects and updates the guage with animations turned on and no reloading.




Works good.

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