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3D Column Chart Value Display

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Hi -


I am working on a 3D column chart. Column3D.swf


The Y axis starts at -1.00 at the bottom and goes to 1.00 at the top.


The data values range from 1.00 to -1.00 (12 values total within that range).


When displaying the chart the 1.00 and the -1.00 end up inside the column. Whereas the other values are outside of the columns. I am guessing this is because I have the Y axis values set from 1.00 to -1.00. However, they need to be set as that. Is there any workaround to push those 1.00 and -1.00 values outside of the column? Can I add space somehow?


Many thanks!

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Guest Bindhu



Can you please share a screen shot for better comprehension?


Also, please share the XML data to test from our end.


Let us also know the chart dimensions(height and width of the chart in pixels).

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Hello -


Attached is a screen shot of the chart. I have changed the caption and data label names for confidentiality purposes.


Below is my XML


<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>


<chart caption="TITLE" subCaption="" yAxisMinValue='-1.00' yAxisMaxValue='1.00' yAxisName="" xAxisName="" palette="" animation="1" showValues="1" forceDecimals='1' formatNumberScale="1" numberSuffix="" labelDisplay="ROTATE" baseFontColor ='000000'baseFont ='Arial' numDivLines="3" divLineColor="E87506" slantLabels="1" paletteColors='021E2F,021E2F,021E2F,827566,021E2F,827566,021E2F,021E2F,021E2F,827566,827566,827566,827566' zeroPlaneBorderColor='E87506' showCanvasBase="0" canvasBaseColor='E87506' captionPadding="25">






<style type="font" name="CaptionFont" size="15" color="000000" />


<style type="font" name="SubCaptionFont" bold="0" />


<style name='myAxisTitlesFont' type='font' font='Arial' size='10' bold='0' />






<apply toObject="caption" styles="CaptionFont" />


<apply toObject="SubCaption" styles="SubCaptionFont" />


<apply toObject='XAxisName' styles='myAxisTitlesFont'/>








<set label="Label 1" value="1.00" />


<set label="Label 2" value="1.00" />


<set label="Label 3" value="0.82" />


<set label="Label 4" value="0.79" />


<set label="Label 5" value="0.75" />


<set label="Label 6" value="0.75" />


<set label="Label 7" value="0.14" />


<set label="Label 8" value="0.04" />


<set label="Label 9" value="0.00" />


<set label="Label 10" value="-0.06" />


<set label="Label 11" value="-0.65" />


<set label="Label 12" value="-1.00" />





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Guest Bindhu



Since there is no space for those values to be displayed outside the column, they are pushed inside the column.


You will have to set yAxisMinValue and yAxisMaxValue attributes to a little higher value(1.2 or 1.3) to accommodate space for those values.


Please see attached modified XML data.


Also, please find attached screen shot of the chart rendered.


Hope this helps!



Edited by Bindhu

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Thank you so much! This is a great workaround.


One last question... is it possible to make the trendline color different from the y axis label color? I wanted to have the trendlines orange and the labels black.


Thanks again! :D

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