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Display Zero Plane If No Negative Values

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Hi -


Working on several charts and I keep running into all sorts of customized questions. Okay, so again this is another 3D column chart. There are two charts side by side so there is one HTML doc and two XML files (one for each chart). Everything looks great except for one thing.


Both charts are 3D column charts using MSColumn3D.swf. The left chart has positive and negative values and so the zero plane shows.


The right chart only has positive values and so the zero plane does not show. I need for the zero plane to display on the right chart and then it would just be empty below the zero plane. Please see my XML below.




<graph caption='TITLE OF CHART' subCaption='' xAxisName='' yAxisName='' showYAxisValues='0' showCanvasBase="0" baseFont ='Arial' baseFontColor ='000000'canvasBgColor='FFFFFF' canvasBaseColor='E87506' hovercapbgColor='FFECAA' hovercapborder='F47E00' divlinecolor='F47E00' numberSuffix='%' placeValuesInside='1' zeroPlaneShow="1">






<style type="font" name="CaptionFont" size="15" color="000000" />


<style type="font" name="SubCaptionFont" bold="0"/>


<style name='myAxisTitlesFont' type='font' font='Arial' size='10' bold='0' italic='1'/>


<style name='myLabelsFont' type='font' font='Arial' size='10' color='FFFFFF' bold='0' underline='0'/>






<apply toObject="caption" styles="CaptionFont" />


<apply toObject="SubCaption" styles="SubCaptionFont" />


<apply toObject='XAxisName' styles='myAxisTitlesFont' />


<apply toObject='DataValues' styles='myLabelsFont' />








<category name='Average Return' hoverText='Simple Average Return'/>

<category name='Cummulative Return' hoverText='Cummulative Return'/>

<category name='Annualized Return' hoverText='Annualized Return'/>


<dataset seriesname='Investor A' color='021E2F' showValue='1'>

<set value='6' />

<set value='19.1' />

<set value='6' />


<dataset seriesname='Investor B' color='5a5248' showValue='1'>

<set value='6' />

<set value='12.3' />

<set value='4' />






Any help is greatly appreciated!!!!

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Guest Bindhu



Please define the attribute "yAxisMinValue" and set it to a negative value to see the zero plane.


Hope this helps!

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