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Data Labels Displaying Partially On Line Chart

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Hello -


I have a line chart that I am working on (Line.swf) - Paid version. My line chart has over 1300 data points. I am only displaying 12 data labels for the year 1900 - 2010.


The problem is that the years are not displaying correctly. When I view normally there is just a number and then a period after the number. If I try using labelDisplay='rotate then the numbers cut off.


Any help is greatly appreciated!!!!


Please see attached screen shots and also my XML below.




Since there are so many data points I am only including a portion of the XML


<chart caption='TITLE GOES HERE' subCaption='SUB TITLE GOES HERE' showYAxisValues='1' showValues='0' anchorRadius='0' linethickness='1' yAxisMinValue='0' yAxisMaxValue='100' numberSuffix='%' showLabels='0' canvasBaseColor='E87506' lineColor='5a5248' divlinecolor='F47E00' showCanvasBase="0" borderAlpha='0' canvasBgColor ="FFFFFF" bgColor='FFFFFF' baseFont ='Arial' baseFontColor ='000000' captionPadding="25" labelPadding="20" maxLabelWidthPercent="50" labelDisplay='rotate'>




<style name='myAxisTitlesFont' type='font' font='Arial' size='8' bold='0'/>


<style name='myLabelsFont' type='font' font='Arial' size='10' color='000000' bold='0' underline='0'/>




<apply toObject='XAxisName' styles='myAxisTitlesFont' />


<apply toObject='DataValues' styles='myLabelsFont' />




<set label="1900" value="0" showLabel='1'/>

<set label="2010" value="7.4" showLabel='1' />

<set label="February 1, 2010" value="11.2" />

<set label="March 1, 2010" value="9.5" />

<set label="April 1, 2010" value="7.9" />

<set label="May 1, 2010" value="9.1" />

<set label="June 1, 2010" value="12.5" />




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Guest Bindhu



You may try using the attribute "labelStep", if those 'to-be-displayed' data labels are at regular intervals.


You may use this attribute if you opt to show every n-th label for better clarity.


When a value greater than 1 (n) is set to this attribute, the first label from left and every label next to the n-th position from left will be displayed. e.g., a chart showing data for 12 months and set with labelStep='3' will show labels for January, April, July and October. The rest of the labels will be skipped.


If this does not help, we would need the entire XML data for further testing.

Edited by Bindhu

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